Module java.desktop

Class ExifParentTIFFTagSet

  • public final class ExifParentTIFFTagSet
    extends TIFFTagSet
    A class containing the TIFF tags used to reference the Exif and GPS IFDs. This tag set should be added to the root tag set by means of the TIFFImageReadParam.addAllowedTagSet method if Exif support is desired.
    • Field Detail


        public static final int TAG_EXIF_IFD_POINTER
        Tag pointing to the Exif IFD (type LONG).
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        public static final int TAG_GPS_INFO_IFD_POINTER
        Tag pointing to a GPS info IFD (type LONG).
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      • getInstance

        public static ExifParentTIFFTagSet getInstance()
        Returns a shared instance of an ExifParentTIFFTagSet.
        an ExifParentTIFFTagSet instance.