Module java.base

Interface Extension

  • public interface Extension
    This interface represents an X.509 extension.

    Extensions provide a means of associating additional attributes with users or public keys and for managing a certification hierarchy. The extension format also allows communities to define private extensions to carry information unique to those communities.

    Each extension contains an object identifier, a criticality setting indicating whether it is a critical or a non-critical extension, and and an ASN.1 DER-encoded value. Its ASN.1 definition is:

         Extension ::= SEQUENCE {
             extnId        OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
             critical      BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
             extnValue     OCTET STRING
                     -- contains a DER encoding of a value
                     -- of the type registered for use with
                     -- the extnId object identifier value

    This interface is designed to provide access to a single extension, unlike X509Extension which is more suitable for accessing a set of extensions.

    • Method Detail

      • getId

        String getId()
        Gets the extensions's object identifier.
        the object identifier as a String
      • isCritical

        boolean isCritical()
        Gets the extension's criticality setting.
        true if this is a critical extension.
      • getValue

        byte[] getValue()
        Gets the extensions's DER-encoded value. Note, this is the bytes that are encoded as an OCTET STRING. It does not include the OCTET STRING tag and length.
        a copy of the extension's value, or null if no extension value is present.