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  27 app.bundler.name=Mac Application Image
  28 store.bundler.name=Mac App Store Ready Bundler
  29 dmg.bundler.name=Mac DMG Package
  30 pkg.bundler.name=Mac PKG Package
  32 error.invalid-cfbundle-version=Invalid CFBundleVersion: [{0}]
  33 error.invalid-cfbundle-version.advice=Set a compatible 'appVersion' or set a 'mac.CFBundleVersion'. Valid versions are one to three integers separated by dots.
  34 error.explicit-sign-no-cert=Signature explicitly requested but no signing certificate specified
  35 error.explicit-sign-no-cert.advice=Either specify a valid cert in 'mac.signing-key-developer-id-app' or unset 'signBundle' or set 'signBundle' to false.
  36 error.must-sign-app-store=Mac App Store apps must be signed, and signing has been disabled by bundler configuration
  37 error.must-sign-app-store.advice=Either unset 'signBundle' or set 'signBundle' to true
  38 error.no-app-signing-key=No Mac App Store App Signing Key
  39 error.no-app-signing-key.advice=Install your app signing keys into your Mac Keychain using XCode.
  40 error.no-pkg-signing-key=No Mac App Store Installer Signing Key
  41 error.no-pkg-signing-key.advice=Install your app signing keys into your Mac Keychain using XCode.
  42 error.certificate.expired=Error: Certificate expired {0}
  43 error.no.xcode.signing=Xcode with command line developer tools is required for signing
  44 error.no.xcode.signing.advice=Install Xcode with command line developer tools.
  46 resource.bundle-config-file=Bundle config file
  47 resource.app-info-plist=Application Info.plist
  48 resource.runtime-info-plist=Java Runtime Info.plist
  49 resource.mac-app-store-entitlements=Mac App Store Entitlements
  50 resource.mac-app-store-inherit-entitlements=Mac App Store Inherit Entitlements
  51 resource.dmg-setup-script=DMG setup script
  52 resource.license-setup=License setup
  53 resource.dmg-background=dmg background
  54 resource.volume-icon=volume icon
  55 resource.post-install-script=script to run after application image is populated
  56 resource.pkg-preinstall-script=PKG preinstall script
  57 resource.pkg-postinstall-script=PKG postinstall script
  58 resource.pkg-background-image=pkg background image
  61 message.bundle-name-too-long-warning={0} is set to ''{1}'', which is longer than 16 characters. For a better Mac experience consider shortening it.
  62 message.null-classpath=Null app resources?
  63 message.preparing-info-plist=Preparing Info.plist: {0}.
  64 message.icon-not-icns= The specified icon "{0}" is not an ICNS file and will not be used. The default icon will be used in it's place.
  65 message.version-string-too-many-components=Version sting may have between 1 and 3 numbers: 1, 1.2, 1.2.3.
  66 message.version-string-first-number-not-zero=The first number in a CFBundleVersion cannot be zero or negative.
  67 message.version-string-no-negative-numbers=Negative numbers are not allowed in version strings.
  68 message.version-string-numbers-only=Version strings can consist of only numbers and up to two dots.
  69 message.creating-association-with-null-extension=Creating association with null extension.
  70 message.ignoring.symlink=Warning: codesign is skipping the symlink {0}.
  71 message.keychain.error=Error: unable to get keychain list.
  72 message.building-bundle=Building Mac App Store Package for {0}.
  73 message.app-image-dir-does-not-exist=Specified application image directory {0}: {1} does not exists.
  74 message.app-image-dir-does-not-exist.advice=Confirm that the value for {0} exists.
  75 message.app-image-requires-app-name=When using an external app image you must specify the app name.
  76 message.app-image-requires-app-name.advice=Set the app name via the -name CLI flag, the fx:application/@name ANT attribute, or via the 'appName' bundler argument.
  77 message.app-image-requires-identifier=Unable to extract identifier from app image.
  78 message.app-image-requires-identifier.advice=Use "--verbose" for extended error message or specify it via "--mac-package-identifier".
  79 message.invalid-identifier=invalid mac bundle identifier [{0}].
  80 message.invalid-identifier.advice=specify identifier with "--mac-package-identifier".
  81 message.building-dmg=Building DMG package for {0}.
  82 message.running-script=Running shell script on application image [{0}].
  83 message.preparing-dmg-setup=Preparing dmg setup: {0}.
  84 message.creating-dmg-file=Creating DMG file: {0}.
  85 message.dmg-cannot-be-overwritten=Dmg file exists ({0} and can not be removed.
  86 message.output-to-location=Result DMG installer for {0}: {1}.
  87 message.building-pkg=Building PKG package for {0}.
  88 message.preparing-scripts=Preparing package scripts.
  89 message.preparing-distribution-dist=Preparing distribution.dist: {0}.
  90 message.signing.pkg=Warning: For signing PKG, you might need to set "Always Trust" for your certificate using "Keychain Access" tool.
  91 message.setfile.dmg=Setting custom icon on DMG file skipped because 'SetFile' utility was not found. Installing Xcode with Command Line Tools should resolve this issue.