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@@ -56,36 +56,37 @@
   // The string table
   static StringTable* _the_table;
   // Shared string table
   static CompactHashtable<oop, char> _shared_table;
-  static bool _shared_string_mapped;
-  static bool _alt_hash;
+  static volatile bool _shared_string_mapped;
+  static volatile bool _alt_hash;
-   // Set if one bucket is out of balance due to hash algorithm deficiency
   StringTableHash* _local_table;
   size_t _current_size;
   volatile bool _has_work;
+  // Set if one bucket is out of balance due to hash algorithm deficiency
   volatile bool _needs_rehashing;
   OopStorage* _weak_handles;
-  volatile size_t _items;
+  volatile size_t _items_count;
   DEFINE_PAD_MINUS_SIZE(1, DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE, sizeof(volatile size_t));
-  volatile size_t _uncleaned_items;
+  volatile size_t _uncleaned_items_count;
   DEFINE_PAD_MINUS_SIZE(2, DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE, sizeof(volatile size_t));
   double get_load_factor();
   double get_dead_factor();
   void check_concurrent_work();
   void trigger_concurrent_work();
   static size_t item_added();
   static void item_removed();
-  size_t add_items_to_clean(size_t ndead);
+  size_t add_items_count_to_clean(size_t ndead);
   static oop intern(Handle string_or_null_h, jchar* name, int len, TRAPS);
   oop do_intern(Handle string_or_null, jchar* name, int len, uintx hash, TRAPS);

@@ -114,22 +115,22 @@
   // GC support
   // Must be called before a parallel walk where strings might die.
   static void reset_dead_counter() {
-    the_table()->_uncleaned_items = 0;
+    the_table()->_uncleaned_items_count = 0;
   // After the parallel walk this method must be called to trigger
   // cleaning. Note it might trigger a resize instead.
   static void finish_dead_counter() {
   // If GC uses ParState directly it should add the number of cleared
   // strings to this method.
   static void inc_dead_counter(size_t ndead) {
-    the_table()->add_items_to_clean(ndead);
+    the_table()->add_items_count_to_clean(ndead);
   //   Delete pointers to otherwise-unreachable objects.
   static void unlink(BoolObjectClosure* cl) {
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