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rev 12409 : 8169177: aarch64: SIGSEGV when "-XX:+ZeroTLAB" is specified along with GC options
Summary: Add zero-initialization to C1 for fast TLAB refills
Reviewed-by: aph, drwhite
Contributed-by: kavitha.natarajan@linaro.org

*** 855,864 **** --- 855,865 ---- Register t1, // temp register Register t2, // temp register Label& slow_case // continuation point if fast allocation fails ); Register tlab_refill(Label& retry_tlab, Label& try_eden, Label& slow_case); // returns TLS address + void zero_memory(Register addr, Register len, Register t1); void verify_tlab(); void incr_allocated_bytes(Register thread, Register var_size_in_bytes, int con_size_in_bytes, Register t1 = noreg);
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