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rev 48471 : [mq]: RFE_Access_constantPoolCache_new_decorator

@@ -52,11 +52,11 @@
   // Add "pre_val" to a set of objects that may have been disconnected from the
   // pre-marking object graph.
   static void enqueue(oop pre_val);
-  static void enqueue_if_weak(DecoratorSet decorators, oop value);
+  static void enqueue_if_weak_or_archive(DecoratorSet decorators, oop value);
   template <class T> void write_ref_array_pre_work(T* dst, int count);
   virtual void write_ref_array_pre(oop* dst, int count, bool dest_uninitialized);
   virtual void write_ref_array_pre(narrowOop* dst, int count, bool dest_uninitialized);
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