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@@ -272,10 +272,13 @@
     <Field type="GCCause" name="cause" label="Cause" description="The reason for triggering this Garbage Collection" />
     <Field type="Tickspan" name="sumOfPauses" label="Sum of Pauses" description="Sum of all the times in which Java execution was paused during the garbage collection" />
     <Field type="Tickspan" name="longestPause" label="Longest Pause" description="Longest individual pause during the garbage collection" />
+  <Event name="SystemGC" category="Java Virtual Machine, GC, Collector" label="System GC" stackTrace="true" startTime="false" thread="true">
+  </Event>
   <Event name="ParallelOldGarbageCollection" category="Java Virtual Machine, GC, Collector" label="Parallel Old Garbage Collection"
     description="Extra information specific to Parallel Old Garbage Collections">
     <Field type="uint" name="gcId" label="GC Identifier" relation="GcId" />
     <Field type="ulong" contentType="address" name="densePrefix" label="Dense Prefix" description="The address of the dense prefix, used when compacting" />
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