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rev 59275 : [mq]: v1

@@ -193,14 +193,20 @@
   // The NestHost attribute. The class info index for the class
   // that is the nest-host of this class. This data has not been validated.
   jushort _nest_host_index;
-  // Resolved nest-host klass: either true nest-host or self if we are not nested.
+  // Resolved nest-host klass: either true nest-host or self if we are not
+  // nested, or an error occurred resolving or validating the nominated
+  // nest-host. Can also be set directly by JDK API's that establish nest
+  // relationships.
   // By always being set it makes nest-member access checks simpler.
   InstanceKlass* _nest_host;
+  // Used to record a reason for nest-host resolution/validation failures.
+  const char* _nest_host_res_error;
   // The contents of the Record attribute.
   Array<RecordComponent*>* _record_components;
   // the source debug extension for this klass, NULL if not specified.
   // Specified as UTF-8 string without terminating zero byte in the classfile,

@@ -482,18 +488,18 @@
   // Called to verify that k is a member of this nest - does not look at k's nest-host
   bool has_nest_member(InstanceKlass* k, TRAPS) const;
-  // Returns nest-host class, resolving and validating it if needed
-  // Returns NULL if an exception occurs during loading, or validation fails
-  InstanceKlass* nest_host(Symbol* validationException, TRAPS);
+  // Used to construct informative IllegalAccessError messages at a higher level.
+  // Returns NULL if there was no error.
+  const char* nest_host_resolution_error() { return _nest_host_res_error; }
+  // Returns nest-host class, resolving and validating it if needed.
+  // Returns NULL if resolution is not possible from the calling context.
+  InstanceKlass* nest_host(TRAPS);
   // Check if this klass is a nestmate of k - resolves this nest-host and k's
   bool has_nestmate_access_to(InstanceKlass* k, TRAPS);
-  // Returns the runtime nest host.  If static nest host is valid, set the nest host;
-  // otherwise this klass is the host of a nest; all errors are ignored
-  InstanceKlass* runtime_nest_host(TRAPS);
   enum InnerClassAttributeOffset {
     // From http://mirror.eng/products/jdk/1.1/docs/guide/innerclasses/spec/innerclasses.doc10.html#18814
     inner_class_inner_class_info_offset = 0,
     inner_class_outer_class_info_offset = 1,
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