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@@ -1350,10 +1350,11 @@
   Node *place_near_use( Node *useblock ) const;
   Node* try_move_store_before_loop(Node* n, Node *n_ctrl);
   void try_move_store_after_loop(Node* n);
   bool identical_backtoback_ifs(Node *n);
   bool can_split_if(Node *n_ctrl);
+  DEBUG_ONLY(void check_divide_by_zero(const Node* n, const Type* zero) const;)
   // Determine if a method is too big for a/another round of split-if, based on
   // a magic (approximate) ratio derived from the equally magic constant 35000,
   // previously used for this purpose (but without relating to the node limit).
   bool must_throttle_split_if() {
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