Module java.desktop

Class SynthContext


public class SynthContext extends Object
An immutable transient object containing contextual information about a Region. A SynthContext should only be considered valid for the duration of the method it is passed to. In other words you should not cache a SynthContext that is passed to you and expect it to remain valid.
  • Constructor Details

    • SynthContext

      public SynthContext(JComponent component, Region region, SynthStyle style, int state)
      Creates a SynthContext with the specified values. This is meant for subclasses and custom UI implementors. You very rarely need to construct a SynthContext, though some methods will take one.
      component - JComponent
      region - Identifies the portion of the JComponent
      style - Style associated with the component
      state - State of the component as defined in SynthConstants.
      NullPointerException - if component, region of style is null.
  • Method Details

    • getComponent

      public JComponent getComponent()
      Returns the hosting component containing the region.
      Hosting Component
    • getRegion

      public Region getRegion()
      Returns the Region identifying this state.
      Region of the hosting component
    • getStyle

      public SynthStyle getStyle()
      Returns the style associated with this Region.
      SynthStyle associated with the region.
    • getComponentState

      public int getComponentState()
      Returns the state of the widget, which is a bitmask of the values defined in SynthConstants. A region will at least be in one of ENABLED, MOUSE_OVER, PRESSED or DISABLED.
      State of Component
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