Module java.desktop

Class AccessibleTextSequence


public class AccessibleTextSequence extends Object
This class collects together key details of a span of text. It is used by implementors of the class AccessibleExtendedText in order to return the requested triplet of a String, and the start and end indices/offsets into a larger body of text that the String comes from.
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  • Field Details

    • startIndex

      public int startIndex
      The start index of the text sequence.
    • endIndex

      public int endIndex
      The end index of the text sequence.
    • text

      public String text
      The text.
  • Constructor Details

    • AccessibleTextSequence

      public AccessibleTextSequence(int start, int end, String txt)
      Constructs an AccessibleTextSequence with the given parameters.
      start - the beginning index of the span of text
      end - the ending index of the span of text
      txt - the String shared by this text span