Module java.desktop

Interface AccessibleKeyBinding

public interface AccessibleKeyBinding
The AccessibleKeyBinding interface should be supported by any object that has a keyboard bindings such as a keyboard mnemonic and/or keyboard shortcut which can be used to select the object. This interface provides the standard mechanism for an assistive technology to determine the key bindings which exist for this object. Any object that has such key bindings should support this interface.
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  • Method Details

    • getAccessibleKeyBindingCount

      int getAccessibleKeyBindingCount()
      Returns the number of key bindings for this object.
      the zero-based number of key bindings for this object
    • getAccessibleKeyBinding

      Object getAccessibleKeyBinding(int i)
      Returns a key binding for this object. The value returned is an java.lang.Object which must be cast to appropriate type depending on the underlying implementation of the key.
      i - zero-based index of the key bindings
      a javax.lang.Object which specifies the key binding
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